Our Story

Biography of the Founder

The brand “Nonso Aladi”, originates from “Chinonso” after the founder which is a native igbo name meaning ‘God is with me’.

When Nonso Aladi llc CEO Chinonso Aladi was born in Lagos, Nigeria, she always knew she would work with clothes. Although it started from draping her mum’s traditional wrapper (a traditional piece of cloth tied around the waist or chest)  all over her, creating varying style and shapes. She always saw the beauty in the simplicity of draping a piece of cloth.

Born with sickle cell, she was always encouraged to go the traditional and less tasking route of being a lawyer. Although she knew her heart was set on fashion, she would end up going to college studying History and International relations. While in college, she would sell mostly handbags on campus dorms going from room to room.

She used her savings, and profit from selling those hand bags to sponsor her apprenticeship program to study fashion in Surulere, Lagos. She would sneak out the house against the wishes of some due to health concerns to learn the art of design for a few months. The grit and grind encouraged her to keep pursuing her dream even when she was in Redeemers University studying History and intl relations.

After an opportunity to move to the US, she decided to take fashion on, full time by enrolling in the fashion school at Kent state university. Her history background gave her the inspiration to explore West African fashion and its history. After three internships, one at kohl’s with her designs selling out online and instore. Graduated from Kent State Fashion School, she knew she always wanted to run her own brand. She decided to move to Chicago, work for over 2 years to get more industry experience before launching Nonso Aladi full time November of 2021.

With Nonso Aladi, Chinonso has continued to support Nigerian Artisans by sourcing and producing her products in Nigeria. Encouraging and creating employment opportunities through her brand and creating a construct of Identity, boldness and beauty. She continues to use her brand to advocate and support organizations and raise sickle cell awareness. 

Nonso Aladi, is a leading fashion brand, owned and operated by a black woman, making her one of the pioneer championing made in Nigeria, designed in the USA clothing brand. Through her brand, she wants women to feel confident, beautiful and feel good while supporting the awareness sickle cell.  




Chinonso Aladi.